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Scene Building - The mind...a writer's workshop

For me, new characters and storylines are always swirling around inside my brain. So when a storyline or character takes up residence and begins to live inside of my conscious mind, it is the beginning of my new book. It starts as a construct…layering characters and their lives as how I perceive them inside my head.

This process has no time limit, it can happen quickly or be painfully tedious. Depends how the backstory develops, because once the characters have a backstory, they will begin to live and breathe inside my brain.

Then is when the fun begins…creating the storyline. It's my world, the world I'm building (fiction). What can be more fun??? I'm sure a lot of things, but for a writer, creating lives and living through them is experiencing the fruits of our gift.

But it is more than just a storyline, there is a lot of detail that must go in the book. The story always takes place somewhere, so unless the writer has concocted a brand new world…we must research. Here is where the writer can take a ride to another destination because as he/she studies the town, state, country, culture, language…etc.; we immerse ourselves into the realm and live as the characters are living, see what the characters are seeing, smell what the characters are smelling.

The characters can have careers, be criminals, movie stars, rock stars, or just a plain Jane. They can drive fancy cars, ride motorcycles, or scooters. They can live in a mansion, be poor, or live in a posh city condo. They can get married, have children, or just be a player. It is a fantastic pool of possibility, and it all stems from an imagination. I may take notes, or I may just go on a tangent and write. Let the pieces of the puzzle fall as my fingers hit the keys of my laptop…they always seem to fit. And as I’m writing or I’m scene building my eyes only see that world.

So when I scene build, I am constructing each step a character makes and every word a character says. And it all happens in my workshop…The Mind.

At least that is my take on it.

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into the mind of a writer. ♥☺



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