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The Dark Star


~ Sometimes you can't outrun your past ~


Mira Taylor is an American singer-songwriter and pianist whose personal pain inspires her writing and lifestyle. She left the small town in Arkansas and moved to Nashville at the age of nineteen to pursue a music career. It didn’t take long for Mira to hit it big and become one of the most prominent recording artists who topped the charts in decades. Mira’s dark, haunting, and mysterious persona is the backbone of her fame and the essence of her allure. Millions of fans adore Mira worldwide, but her celebrity persona is just a mask she wears to hide from the horrible tragedy of her past and keep it hidden from the world. Mira’s world has only ever consisted of anguish and torture, and her feelings have only ever been present in her music and through her songs. Mira only trusts one person, her childhood friend and now manager, Chelsea Sharpe. Her life is seemingly unrelenting and unchanged, and she prefers to live her life in the shadows. But there are two things that Mira didn’t take into account, a curiosity that is awakened with her best friend Chelsea and the inability to outrun her past.

Addicting...I finished this book in just over a days time. I was hooked from the first page to the last. I'm sure there were more important things I was supposed to be doing but I just couldn't put my kindle down. The book was very well written and flowed nicely. Loved the story line. I will deffinately be reading more books by Michelle. In fact I've already downloaded another, but I need to refrain from reading it until after I'm done working for the day. :)

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True Love At It's Finest - I loved this book so much! Grabbed me from the first page and I literally felt personally invested in both Sam and Laurel. It was sweet and sexy and heartbreaking and reaffirms your belief in the strength of true love. Don't miss this one. I highly recommend.

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Well Done!!! - I love when Michelle Mara writes because I know it's going to be good and this one was no exception. I was really feeling the characters in the book and I could understand why they did what they did. It was a great read and I can't wait for her to write another book.

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