The Star

Mira Taylor is a Rock Star.  She has looks, talent, fame, fortune, and millions of fans.  Mira has a past she keeps hidden from the world just as much as she keeps herself hidden from the world.   The only person she trusts is her childhood friend and manager Chelsea Sharpe.


Curiosity has always kept Mira's mind moving through her dark and haunting world, and that curiosity has always been about her friend Chelsea.  But Mira is too wounded inside to allow anything which would resemble affection because it would shut her down emotionally.  Her feelings, desires, and emotions were only ever shown in her music and through her songs.


As the story unfolds, Mira will allow herself to feel something she never thought she would.  But just as she is awakened to an emotion that is foreign to her, she will be confronted by the past she thought she could outrun.


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